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Jump-start your job search at JobJunction. We compose, scan, publish and circulate resumes of job seekers on the Internet, where THOUSANDS of employers shop for qualified candidates. From basic resume authoring to resume circulation both on and off the 'Net, JobJunction provides professional experience to speed your search and take your Career to new heights.

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Our Mission

Every day, over 500,000 jobs and 750,000 resumes are advertised on the Internet. Many of the major employers are now using high-tech systems to post open positions on the internet and collect resumes. Employers gather resumes from the internet and from snail-mail, then electronically scan and sort, and categorize them by skill-sets. The information is then cross-matched against positions available within the company.

However, if your resume scans improperly, or does not contain the keys to insure proper categorization of your skill sets, your opportunity is GONE! JobJunction Resume Service provides you with an electronically readable resume, then circulates your resume to recruiters and employers. At JobJunction, opportunities are SEIZED, not lost.

Basic Resume Prep: $49.95 USd

bulletUp to 3 page resume scanned and formatted
bulletYour resume will be saved in popular file formats (Microsoft Word, RTF and plain text) and returned to you via e-mail or US Priority mail.   The disk can be used at copy centers or on your own PC to make changes or print your resume. You can also use these files to send your resume to others via e-mail, or print your scannable resume and FAX  to prospective employers.
bulletOur 40 page book detailing job-related and research resources available on the Internet
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Resume Composition

The old saying goes "Resumes don't get jobs, Interviews get jobs!" There is an element of truth in that statement, but have you ever tried to get the interview without a resume? With the advent of high-speed, high-tech resume data warehousing systems, your resume takes on even new importance. Companies are now using these new resume storage and retrieval systems to analyze your background and cross match it to current openings. No match, no retrieval, no interview!!

Be sure your resume is professionally composed and structured for retrieval by these data storage systems. At JobJunction, we will prepare your resume with key-word search phrases designed to properly categorize and store your skill-sets. Prices vary from $60 to $110 depending on the complexity of your background and experience. Ask us for a free price quote on the Information Request Form below.

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"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"
 -- Thomas Edison

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