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 Frequently Asked Questions (
JobJunction FAQ's)

JobJunction serves a variety of businesses and candidates throughout the U.S.A.   We assist our clients in finding the best talent for Executive Management teams, designers,  manufacturing personnel, Engineering and Sales teams.  Positions we are currently recruiting for may be viewed from the menu selection above. However, even if you don't see the job of your dreams posted, be sure to let us know about your career goals by registering with our "Personnel File."  We store your information in our own database and when a position becomes available that looks like a possible good match, we contact you and discuss it with you.  We do not sell your information or distribute it to employers or other businesses, and employers do not have access to our database.

FAQ: Why should candidates and employers use your service when there are services like Monster.com?

From the employers perspective, our services have a broader appeal to mid-size and smaller companies.  Annual subscription fees charged by on-line resume databases can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, job boards such as Monster.com have millions of resumes on file.  A job posting very often buries an employer in resumes from all over the world that are a poor match for the position.  Furthermore, if a good candidate is identified through resume search, the company finds itself in competition with several other companies for the same candidate. Therefore, many employers feel the cost of the subscription fees and the time spent handling thousands of job post responses are not worth the poor results. 

From the employee perspective, two issues are most critical - 1) Exposure to the right hiring Managers and 2) keeping their personal information private- inaccessible to their current employer or to other third parties.

FAQ: Why is privacy an issue?

Pam Dixon, an investigative reporter and research fellow at the Privacy Foundation and author of many reports and books, including Job Searching Online for Dummies, warns that people who use the major job boards should know that those who get access to resumes may also include people bent on identity theft and fraud. "Essentially, what you're doing is you're giving them data for free and they're making money from it," she says. "Some of this changes when you go to the smaller niche sites. There are some excellent sites out there."

CorporateWeb sites often have "private label" arrangements with companies such as Monsters.  Candidates visiting a company's web site may think they are submitting their resume directly to that employer without knowing that the website is actually managed and controlled by Monster.  Resumes submitted through this arrangement are captured by Monster and made available to anyone willing to pay the subscription fees.  The loss of control over who has access to your information can have undesirable consequences. It is not uncommon for employers to discover their employee's resume in an on-line database.  Employees have reported that employers cancelled a pending promotions or terminated the employee after discovering the employee's resume on the internet.

Additionally, online resume databanks like Monster sell your contact information to multi-level marketers or companies hawking products or services to the newly unemployed.  In all fairness to Monster, they have no ability to control who has access to your resume.  At JobJunction, we do have that ability. Your privacy is imperative to us.


"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"
 -- Thomas Edison

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